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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words... Have you ever heard of...? "A picture is worth a thousand worries."? This picture is of our "Command Center" as I like to call it. Don't let that November up there fool you, the calendar isn't updated. That is still October's To-Dos up there. Every month I enjoy taking down this board and laying out all the stuff, pulling out my trusty phone calendar and going to town on this thing.

But today, today I hurt. Today is the 5th of November, and the calendar isn't updated and all I can think to myself is... "NOPE". Waiting for my yogurt to reach temp (I somehow have the willpower to make yogurt every week for the family). It is not a hard task to do by any means, I just hurt. When I see this picture, I see Bills that need to be paid and/or marked onto the calendar, I see the mail that has been building up, I see meal planning that needs to be completed for the week and school papers that need to be signed and returned to school. I see items that were incorrectly purchased because for SOME reason... I thought we had stainless steel Fridge/Stove/Microwave - That's a fat nope.

For my calendar, as I said before, we are a family of 7, I have 8 different color markers for the board. Each person has their color, and then we have one extra for "family" color. When creating the board, I will write out the appointment/task for the person with their color. Ex. I'm purple, when I have an appointment, I will write out the time and appt name in the purple marker that way I know it is an appointment for me. Which also makes it easier to scan the board to look by color as oppose to look by name.

The white wire basket is for bills and highly important mail. The beige bin is for all other mail. The white divider is for kids’ school papers that need to be read and/or signed to be returned for school. There is space, unseen in this picture, for appointment cards. All appointment cards are to go into this area, if there was an appointment made without a card or something that needs to be added to the calendar, either they are to write it in (or in the case of an un-updated calendar) it is to be written on a small sheet and placed in bin. The family is pretty good at these little tasks. For me, and our family of 7, this works.

When I finally get the Umph to get it done (I usually give myself the first 5 days of the month to update) I have what I need in place. It's not so overwhelming because it's broken into sections. It seems to make it mentally less stressful even though it's still the same work.

I have found that creating these little procedures keep me from completely feeling overwhelmed and then end up not getting anything completed at all.

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