Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

It's easy to point out the flaws of others. Even easier to admire what another person has and then put yourself down. What happens when you cross enemy lines, and see what it is to be in that other person's shoes? What do you think, how do you feel when the person you were jealous of, and felt threatened by turns out to be nothing more than a sheep in wolf's clothing... You read that right... It's the opposite of Wolf in sheep's clothing, it means that it's no threat at all, if anything you better understand them. You can relate with them and/or start to feel sorry for them. These people open up to you and you see the sadness, the despair in their hearts. You learn their real intentions and how treat others. You learn stories about their past, their trauma's in life and you can't help but feel for them. You start to see them as your equal, and the feeling of threat goes away.

Then comes that moment when you realize, you may not have the fancy car, the big house, the fantastic career and all that bling bling, but you have a family, with amazing (even when they drive me crazy) children who you love more than anything in the universe, and as tiny as our home is, we make it work. Because why? We're HAPPY! Relatively speaking. (Mood swings do get the best of me on a regular bases). But I'm Happy. And I have the most amazing love in my life from 6 differently totally insane people. We make it work, in all of under 700 sqft home of ours. We make it work.

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