My Bipolar Rants... Your Bipolar Help

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

I remember when I was pregnant.. and started experiencing those weird prego symptoms, I looked it up and there were 100s of preggos experiencing the same thing. It not only helped me feel better about it, but communicating with these other women, it helped me learn ways to cope. When my son was potty training, I found sites, and books and facebook groups to help as well.

But now, when my bipolar is at its finest. I find many sites, books, chats about being bipolar. I find an occasional article about moms dealing with symptoms and how to cope. Where are all the momma posts. Where are all the chat groups, the books, the pages about parents, living, suffering, struggling, coping, sharing, learning from each other about mental illnesses?

Here at The Bipolar Momma, we want everyone to share their stories, their struggles, their coping skills, what has worked for them, what triggers them. We want parents to come and vent, let your rants out. Seek help. Seek advice.

We don't want anyone to be ashamed of what they are dealing with. Share your good stories. Share your pictures of your family. Doesn't matter where you're from. How old you are, how small or intense your concerns are. Listen, if you're in a mood, an episode, just having that kinda day... You broke your nail and it made you cry.. Share it. It helps. Talking helps. Maybe you just need that "Oh FlubberDucky!" two sentence rant... Come at me! Come at us all!

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