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My name is Jessica. I am a mother of 5 - 4 of which are, what I like to call, my acquired children, and 1 I birthed.

I have always struggled with depression, ADHD, anxiety and OCD (not the good kind that keeps everything clean either). Later on in life I came to find out that I actually am Bipolar. Yay for me... Raising a child for me was the hardest thing I had ever had to do, I mean, I can barely function as a decent adult due to my Bipolar completely ruling, and ruining my life.  

May of 2019, I was brought back together with an old flame.  Things got serious quick, also in that time the mother of his 4 children had passed away in a horrible car accident. n a span of a month I went from 1 child, to 5.  Life has been one hell of a roller coaster that's for sure.  Jan 2020 we got married.  Together we are trying to navigate this world together with our children, but hot damn I struggle. I struggle hard. Trying to balance, being a wife, a mother, giving each child undivided attention, my son hating having siblings due to having been a spoiled only child.  

My husband supports me, and he's seen the nasty parts of the bipolar. Yet he still loves me.  He just doesn't really understand Bipolar, or mental illnesses for that matter.  I needed help, and I needed help fast. 


The more I searched online the more I realized, there isn't a lot about mothers/parents suffering with mental illnesses. There is plenty about parenting, about mental illness but not a community of sorts that speak about parenting with mental illness. And I'm betting that it has to do a lot with the stigma of mental illness, and God forbid a parent has it, then we're considered unfit, we risk losing our children. 

My goal is to find others who struggle, who overcome, who don't know what they are doing and those who have learned to cope, bring everyone into a community to learn, to vent, to ask for help, to share their stories. I want all to break the stigma of mental illness and show others, we're not alone. 

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